Adding Categories and Products


By Cathy Reyes

updated over 1 year ago

To add categories and products, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Bot Builder
  2. Click CMS
  3. Open Category or Product (you can open this in 2 ways: (1) in the list of Entities on the left side, (2) in the grid of entities on the right

The Name field corresponds to the category name. Category name is your menu's grouping or category.

Image field is the image for your category. This is optional but recommended. You can either paste a category image URL (must have jpg, jpeg, png at the end) or upload an image from your computer.

Rank field is used to have the category ranked. The ranking is used in the order of visibility inside Messenger. Facebook Messenger allows only maximum of 10 cards or quick replies per message. For stores with more than 10 categories, assigning the rank is highly recommended as failure to do so will only show the first ten categories.

Ranking naming convention:

  • first 10: small letter a then the number
    • example: a1, a2, a3....
  • second 10: small letter b then the number
    • example: b1, b2, b3...
  • third 10: small letter c then the number
    • example: c1, c2, c3...
  • fourth 10: small letter d then the number
    • example: d1,d2,d3...
  • and so on..

Status column designates the category is active (Enabled) or inactive (Disabled). Example: You need to temporarily disable a category for some reason, you will need to pause that category for now and resume at a later date. You will disable that category for now and enable it at a later date.

In case your having difficulty updating, adding, removing the categories, you may reach out to our live chat support.

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